☑️ An ice rink is basically composed of a refrigeration floor, machinery to produce cold and a perimeter barrier. This is the essence itself.
Our technical team is responsible for hydraulic calculations, synchronization of hydraulic pump, chiller and pipes, so that everything works like a clock.
☑️ Before each assembly, we prepare each element, keeping in mind all the details so that its installation is quick, effective and efficient. Our Purchasing Department handles 100% reliable quality standards for all those elements that we do not manufacture ourselves.
☑️ We design and manufacture all the components, from the collectors (they are the elements that distribute the cooled liquid inside the refrigeration floor), through the pipe that we will use, all the connection pipes, the barriers according to the client’s taste, the lockers for the skates … that is: everything.
☑️ Once the basic steps of the design have been completed, a project is prepared, that is, how the distribution of each component will be in the rink environment: machinery, customers service, circulation of atendees, etc.
☑️ And with the project in hand, our architect makes a digital model of how it will be finished, which is presented to the client to discuss the decorative aspects – of which we do not deal – and provide the best advice in every aspect, from the technical until the operative.
☑️ Each Ice Rink is its own design and exclusive for that client, and it is given the corresponding documentation, with all the requirements, locations and possibilities in order to ensure that what you are buying is really what you want or what you imagined.

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