Ice-Skating Rinks

But more, MUCH MORE THAN JUST ICE. Our unique and patented technology allow us to offer to our customers a lot of different events like Ice Sliders, Water Sliders, “Neveros®”, Tubbing and much more. Every detail is carefully studied to make your project a sure success: from the design of each ice rink, with any shape and size, to a professional installation, we turn your imagination into reality, which amazes and amuses everyone.

We are convinced to always offer a World Class quality, anywhere and at all times of the year, taking advantage of energy and being friendly to the environment. We provide from the initial advice and accompany our clients in each of the stages, taking advantage of an experience of more than 15 years on the market, that allow us to affirm that either in sale or in rental of an ice rink, will be your most faithful ally so that its only worry is to repeat the fantastic experience working with us: we are always at your side.

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